24.5.2012 12:06

Media Monitoring now available

International and Slovak Media Monitoring now available.


18.5.2012 17:06

GLOBSEC 2012 Summary

The best from the GLOBSEC 2012 Bratislava Global Security Forum is now available online.


26.4.2012 10:59

Speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic - Miroslav Lajčák

Speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic - Miroslav Lajčák


26.4.2012 10:41

The GLOBSEC 2012 closed its doors, the record setting number of guests visited Bratislava

For three days Bratislava became the capital of transatlantic security – from year to year the prestige of the Forum increases.


23.4.2012 13:18

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow and his Keynote Remarks at GLOBSEC 2012

"SMART ENOUGH?  NATO'S RESPONSE TO THE FISCAL CRISIS"; Keynote remarks by NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow; GLOBSEC Conference; Bratislava, Slovakia, 13 April 2012


14.4.2012 18:26

GLOBSEC: Global inequality is in decline, the Western one rises

The opening as well as the closing discussion at the GLOBSEC forum in Bratislava focused on economy.


14.4.2012 13:39

GLOBSEC: The Balkans needs rebranding

Accession process to the EU and NATO should help the Western Balkans in finding a new brand for the region.


13.4.2012 19:51

Bratislava: Passionate Debate on Arab Revolutions at GLOBSEC

Arab participants in the audience at the GLOBSEC forum say Europe needs to be more patient and supportive of the democratization in the Middle East – at least as it has so far been with the Balkans.


13.4.2012 16:02

Vondra warned against security-freeriding

Alexandr Vondra, the Czech Minister of Defence said at the GLOBSEC Bratislava forum that the cuts in defence budgets have been too dramatic in the last couple of years. According to him, we have to avoid free riding and must actively promote solidarity within the Alliance.


13.4.2012 12:25

The Presidents want more democratic EU

The Slovak, Slovenian and Croatian presidents expressed their strong support for further Euro-Atlantic integration of the Balkan region.


13.4.2012 00:03

GLOBSEC: American shift to Pacific is real and it is here to stay

America is pivoting away from Europe towards Pacific - not only because of the old issue of limited European defence spending but mainly because of the new economic and military realities in Asia.


4.12.2012 16:04

The first Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Awards to Ron Asmus and Alexander Vondra

This year, for the very first time, the Global Security Forum GLOBSEC was hosting a ceremony during which the new Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Awards was awarded to two personalities who have significantly contributed to the strengthening of the transatlantic relations.


4.12.2012 16:04

Slovak Prime Minister: Slovakia to be the Engine of the European Integration in Central Europe

Mr. Fico wants new members in the Alliance by the end of the term of his government in 2016.


4.12.2012 13:37

The Strategic Rationale for Promoting Transatlantic Values in a Globalized World

Latest issue brief "The Strategic Rationale for Promoting Transatlantic Values in a Globalized World,” by authors Jeff Lightfoot, deputy director of the Atlantic Council's International Security Program, and Simona Kordosova, assistant director.


5.4.2012 17:26

GLOBSEC 2012 has a fleet of luxury BMWs

The Global Security Forum GLOBSEC in Bratislava that starts tomorrow will have at hand for its distinguished guests the largest fleet of luxury BMW vehicles in its history. The cars will be available throughout the three-day long conference i.e. for transfers from the airport.


10.4.2012 22:22

GLOBSEC 2012 Television trailer!

You can view the most recent GLOBSEC 2012 TA3 television trailer.


5.4.2012 17:26

In a week GLOBSEC shall welcome two dozens of Ministers, Prime Ministers and Presidents

Next week Slovakia shall be the political centre of Europe. Bratislava will become the venue of the three-day GLOBSEC forum that shall welcome more than 500 politicians, diplomats and experts from all over the world.


27.3.2012 22:13

Atlantic Council’s most recent NATO - related publications

Please find Atlantic Council’s most recent NATO-related publications inside this article.


15.2.2012 17:14

GLOBSEC 2012 will discuss global security issues and future of the EU

Capital of Slovakia will become the centre of important expert and political discussions before the NATO Chicago Summit.  The gates of this year’s Global Security Forum GLOBSEC 2012 will open in April.


17.1.2012 10:46

GLOBSEC 2012: The countdown starts

The 7th annual Global Security Forum in April will run debates on current global and regional foreign policy and security issues just before the NATO Summit in Chicago. The Conference will also host the NATO Youth Summit as the only European appearance this year.


16.1.2012 16:06

GLOBSEC 2012: What`s new?

The 7th annual Bratislava Global Security Forum GLOBSEC 2012 will introduce some traditional, but also some brand new features. It will encompass not only the Forum itself, but a package of several parallel side events, all held at the occasion and under the joint umbrella of GLOBSEC 2012.


11.11.2011 18:47

GLOBSEC 2012 Bratislava Security Forum


April 12 - 14, 2012


Click here to read the agenda outline!

Please follow our website for the latest information.


28.9.2011 14:52

GLOBSEC 2011 media monitoring overview and conference Summary

You can download the overview of realized media coverage of GLOBSEC 2011 conference from our MEDIA-MONITORING section, or by clicking here. The Summary of the conference can be downloaded from the AGENDA-SUMMARIES section or from here.

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