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14.01.2011, 13:56

Modern and Innovative Format

LEADING ANNUAL FORUM IN CENTRAL EUROPE - Founded seven years ago, the GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum has established itself as a premier forum on foreign policy and security in Central Europe. With the participation of over 500 key stakeholders from more than 40 countries, GLOBSEC has not only become the leading annual foreign policy and security forum in Central Europe, but it has acquired a stable position among the elite club of major conferences in Europe and North America. Today, high-profile participants often compare GLOBSEC with prestigious forums in Brussels and Munich. It completes the strategic debate that shapes the transatlantic foreign policy and security agenda by the Central European approach.

  • European Economic Integration: Saving the Union from Itself
  • Future of Europe and the Transatlantic Cooperation
  • Smart Enough? NATO's Response to the Fiscal Crisis
  • What's Next for the Arab Seasons?
  • Revitalising Europe's Security and Defence: Strategy vs. Limitations
  • Generation Change in the US & Austerity in Europe: A Marriage in Crisis?
  • New Geopolitics in the Middle East
  • Post-Crisis Global Governance: Whose Rules?

SEVEN NIGHT OWL SESSIONS | We have introduced a new format of informal evening sessions in relaxed atmosphere held under Chatham House Rules that allows discussants to hold a vigorous and open debate. The informal atmosphere and served refreshments guarantee the interactivity of the sessions.
  • Security Cooperation in the Visegrad Region: Way Ahead
  • America's Pacific Century: Implications for Europe
  • Afghanistan Beyond 2014
  • The Future of European Energy
  • From Theory to Harsh Reality: Cyber Space & Security Today
  • Ukraine Together and Between the EU and Russia
  • New Challenges in the East: Ukraine and Russia
  • ... and a number of break-out dinner sessions and other formats.

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