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14.01.2011, 13:47

More Than a Forum - Creating True Impact

PUTTING CENTRAL EUROPE ON THE MAP| The aim of the GLOBSEC Forum is to put Central Europe on the map of transatlantic thinking. The regional dimension of the Forum is emphasized by the participation of high-level decision-makers from the Visegrad Group and the wider Central European region, alongside their Euro-Atlantic partners. GLOBSEC moves the region from the periphery of transatlantic policy shaping to its very core, giving Central Europe a respected voice in the shaping of the transatlantic agenda.

COMMUNITY THAT SHAPES THE TRANSATLANTIC AGENDA| GLOBSEC is regularly attended by key security and foreign policy stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic, the most influential experts from leading European and transatlantic think-tanks, academia, business leaders and politicians to discuss the acute challenges of today. We are proud that GLOBSEC has become a respected meeting place of personalities that influence the world events.



UNIQUE PLATFORM FOR "CORRIDOR DIPLOMACY" The success of GLOBSEC lies not only in the main conference program, but also in its ability to provide an excellent platform for corridor diplomacy. Politicians, diplomats, business figures, academics, journalists and experts use this platform to set up their meetings at GLOBSEC. Various side meetings, bilateral and multilateral political meetings and negotiations, closed policy sessions and expert talks have become an integral part of this event where comprehensive and far-reaching solutions are being born. During the 2011 conference, we have directly intermediated more than 50 official policy sessions. This corridor diplomacy capability of the GLOBSEC Forum is unparalleled in the region on Central Europe.

CREATING IMPACT | GLOBSEC has acquired the reputation of a Forum where those who take decisions and shape policies absorb new ideas and turn them directly into political steps. GLOBSEC is a place where great ideas and strategic visions are transformed into real features of the transatlantic agenda. The voice of the Forum echoes long after it closes its gates for the year.

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