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17.01.2012, 10:46

GLOBSEC 2012: The countdown starts

The 7th annual Global Security Forum in April will run debates on current global and regional foreign policy and security issues just before the NATO Summit in Chicago. The Conference will also host the NATO Youth Summit as the only European appearance this year.

Bratislava, January 17 , 2012 - One of the world's leading foreign policy and security conferences, GLOBSEC 2012 Global Security Forum, will take place on 12 - 14 April 2012 in the Slovak capital of Bratislava. The 7th edition of the annual event will once again host political and diplomatic elites, key security and foreign policy stakeholders, as well as influential experts from both sides of the Atlantic, Asia and Africa. Participants will discuss the most important topics that nowadays resonate in the transatlantic foreign policy and security agenda. The importance of this year's GLOBSEC underlines the fact that it will be the last major event in Europe prior to the NATO Summit in Chicago. At the margins of the Forum, Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the V4 countries will gather to discuss important issues of regional cooperation, European and transatlantic agenda.

The conference is organized by the Slovak Atlantic Commission in strategic partnership with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, International Visegrad Fund and of the Atlantic Council.

Pre-Summit debates

The two and a half day conference will consist of seven main discussion panels, six Night Owl sessions, a number of focused break-out dinner sessions and several informal networking receptions. Traditionally, the Forum will provide excellent platform for corridor diplomacy. This year it will however earn a special recognition. GLOBSEC 2012 will enjoy a prerogative of being an important platform where political and expert elites will discuss key issues that will be addressed at the NATO Summit later in May.
Youth gathering

Another GLOBSEC's direct link with May's NATO Summit in Chicago is the hosting of the NATO Young Atlanticist Summit, exclusively as the only one in Europe this year. In parallel to the GLOBSEC Forum, the Bratislava Young Atlanticist Summit will bring together promising future leaders from NATO and partner countries. This meeting will bring the first part of NATO Crisis Simulation that will continue at the 2012 Young Atlanticist Summit in Chicago.

Informal Ministerial Meeting

Organized one month before the NATO Summit in Chicago, GLOBSEC 2012 is ideally positioned to create the right platform for informal debates and meetings of Central and Eastern European foreign ministers. These meetings, held under the leadership of Ministers Mikuláš Dzurinda and Karel Schwarzenberg, may be used to formulate common ground and raise the voice of the region on key issues on the agenda of the Summit.

Who will get the award?

This year's GLOBSEC will have a special symbolism. It will be ten years since seven Central and Eastern European countries were invited to join the NATO at the Summit in Prague. This event will be commemorated at the GLOBSEC Gala Dinner, where a new annual Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Award will be presented. It shall be awarded to personalities who significantly contributed to strengthening of the transatlantic ties, security, peace, prosperity and overall stability of the Euro-Atlantic area, with a special emphasis on the bond to the Central European region.

Topical issues

The Forum will address the same topics, which are to be discussed at the NATO Summit in Chicago one month later. Smart Security in the context of the austerity trends within defence budgets and the future of Afghanistan will run through as key topics. GLOBSEC 2012 will also pay a special attention to the future of the Eurozone and the EU itself. The Forum will investigate the profound implications of the crisis on the international financial system, global economic geopolitics and global economic governance.

This year's GLOBSEC will also create room for analysing the current situation and the expected scenarios in the North African and Middle Eastern region after last year's Arab Spring. Apart from other topics, participants will have a chance to discuss the recent shift in the US foreign policy as well as the challenges related to the constantly changing cyber environment.

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