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26.04.2012, 10:41

The GLOBSEC 2012 closed its doors, the record setting number of guests visited Bratislava

For three days Bratislava became the capital of transatlantic security – from year to year the prestige of the Forum increases.

Bratislava - The international Forum on security, foreign policy and economy the GLOBSEC 2012 ended. The seventh annual year of the Forum had a record attendance of foreign guests and participants. The organizers have already announced that the number of guests for the next year will not increase, but the aim will be to attract even more renowned and highly profiled guests. This year exceeded expectations and set the records in several areas. "The GLOBSEC has successfully become a major security conference in the region," confirmed U.S. ambassador to Slovakia, Theodore Sedgwick.

The seventh annual year of the Forum confirmed the rising tendency of the event, which still has an ambition to evolve. "In addition to the attempt to attract more influential political representations, we will continue to bring to the GLOBSEC as many top professionals and experts who will enrich the discussion with their creative element that will have an actual impact on foreign policy," proclaimed Robert Vass, Secretary General of the Slovak Atlantic Commission, which is the main organizer of the event. "Our long term goal remains to enhance the quality of guests, allowing us to raise the debates‘ quality to a higher level," said Vass.

Discussions were this year very well occupied. The quality of the GLOBSEC 2012 confirms the statement of the former Dutch Minister of Defence, Mr Eimert van Middelkoop, who was one of many foreign guests and participants: "I'm still impressed. The quality of speakers was outstanding and I really appreciate the variety of topics on Atlanticism." Similar insight shared Raghida Derghman, a distinguished Lebanese journalist and Al Hayat correspondent who is considered one of the world's fifty most influential Arab women.  "Many issues were raised in a very frank and open form what is very desired and the GLOBSEC was able to bring it," appreciated Dergham.

Pavol Demeš, an activist and the director of German Marshall Fund of the United States‘ office in Bratislava assessed the Forum: "Seven is the magical number. The 7th annual GLOBSEC was the best yet. I think the GLOBSEC is the best example of "public-private partnership" in which a non-governmental organization proved its ability to organize an event at which representatives of political elites may show what‘s in them."

This year the GLOBSEC security forum hosted three Presidents, two Prime Ministers and more than twenty Ministers or Secretaries of State. Furthermore, in total more than 500 prominent guests visited Bratislava. However, an active participation in the conference was not the only activity of the foreign representatives present at the Forum. The GLOBSEC 2012 provided its guests with a unique platform to meet at the highest level. During three days Hotel Kempinski River Part was not only the venue for the GLOBSEC 2012, but held 33 ministerial meetings and as well as meetings of Prime Ministers.

Bratislava will host the GLOBSEC security conference also next year. The topics of the Forum’s discussions will once again cover the most important issues of security, foreign policy as well as economy.


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