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17.02.2012, 18:27

Information for Media

Thank you for visiting the press section of the GLOBSEC 2012. All journalists and members of media are welcome to attend the GLOBSEC 2012 free of charge.

How can I participate?
On-site coverage (pre-registration required - will be available from 21th February)
Live stream sessions (pre-registration required) on-site or anywhere in the world. The schedule of the podcasts will be announced soon.
Follow the GLOBSEC news on Facebook and Twitter (@GLOBSEC). The Twitter hashtag for the event will be #GLOBSEC

Press room
For registered journalist a standardly equipped, spacious press room will be available on-site. It will feature wi-fi, livestream broadcast on giant screens, headphones (upon request) and also a space for interviews.

On-site assistance
We will do our best to meet your demands and requirements. We have dedicated team completely available to register media. If there is a need of any kind of assistance, such as arranging the interviews, providing photos, transcripts, videos, audio recordings, solving technical issues or any other demands, we are fully at your disposal. Please see us at the pressdesk on-site or use below contacts.

Interviews schedule
Prior to the conference we will provide all the registered journalists with the list of speakers who will be available for the interviews. We will be arranging the schedule of the interviews on first come, first serve basis.

Media programme
Members of the media will find the information about their participation as well as programme for media in Press Section of the GLOBSEC website few weeks prior to the conference. Also media could have part of the programme tailor-made to their needs (based on availability and interest). This will be agreed in person with each of the journalists and it contains participation on sessions, press briefings, interviews etc.

Media briefings and press conferences
During GLOBSEC 2012 various formats of media briefings will be available. These will be announced prior to the conference or on ad-hoc basis during the conference, if required. Suggestions are welcome!

GLOBSEC Commentators
If you are interested to cover the topics of the GLOBSEC 2012, we offer also GLOBSEC Commentators, a renowned group of experts to comment the actual topics from the both sides of the Atlantic. Please klick here for the list. If you are interested in, please contact Viktor Škulec at or call +421 911 616 655.

GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum requests that its name be mentioned in all reports related to its activities. These are the variations of the official name of the event: GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum; GLOBSEC 2012; GLOBSEC. ...more

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