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13.02.2012, 11:22

Alexandr Vondra

Minister of Defence, Czech Republic

Mr. Vondra received his degree a Doctor of Natural Sciences (RNDr.) from the Charles University in Prague. In 1989, he became a spokesperson for Charter 77.  During the Velvet Revolution in November of the same year, he became a co-founder and leading member of the Civic Forum movement.

In 1990-1992, A. Vondra served as a foreign policy advisor to President Vaclav Havel. From August 1992 until March 1997, he served as the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. In 1994, he headed a Czech team responsible for implementation of the Czech Republic´s Partnership for Peace Programme, and in 1996, he built and headed a Czech team for pre-accession talks with NATO.

From March 1997 until July 2001, A. Vondra served as Czech Ambassador to the United States. From March 2001 till January 2003, Mr. Vondra served as Czech Government Commissioner to the Prague Summit. In this capacity, as a Head of the Czech Task Force, he managed the preparation of the 2002 NATO Summit in Prague, the largest ever gathering held in the Czech Republic. From January until July 2003, Mr. Vondra served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. In this capacity, he was responsible for the Czech participation in the solution of the Iraq crisis.

During his career, Mr. Vondra was a Transatlantic Fellow in the German Marshall Fund of the United States, member of think-tank Program of Atlantic Security Studies (PASS), as well as President of Czech Euro-Atlantic Council. On January 9th 2007, Mr. Vondra was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic and since July 2010 he has been the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic.

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