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11.04.2012, 09:50

George Gamkrelidze

Analyst, New Generation - New Initiative, Tbilisi

George Gamkrelidze has B.A. and M.A. degrees in economics from Tbilisi State University where he studied Commerce and Marketing. In 2006 he was accepted into a research program at the University of Gdansk in Poland where he successfully defended his research thesis on Georgia and problems of international security. Mr. Gamkrelidze has worked in various capacities both in the governmental and academic fields. Currently Mr. Gamkrelidze works as researcher/analyst for the organization New Generation - New Initiative where he is responsible for strategic analysis, project planning and monitoring, providing policy papers and organizing education programs. Mr. Gamkrelidze is the co-editor of the book, "Challenges of Globalization and Integration" and has authored many articles on the subject.

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