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04.11.2012, 16:26

Ivo Josipović

President of the Republic of Croatia


He was born in Zagreb on 28 August. He graduated from the Faculty of Law (1980) and passed his bar examination. He obtained his Master's degree following his post-graduate studies in Criminal Procedure Law (1985) and his Doctor's degree (1994) at the Zagreb University. He also graduated in Composition from the Zagreb Music Academy.

Prior to his election to the office of the President, Josipović was a university professor, a member of the Croatian Parliament and a composer. He taught Criminal Procedure Law, International Penal Law and Misdemeanour Law.

He has collaborated with a host of Croatian and foreign state, scholarly, university and artistic institutions (from Germany, the USA, Canada, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Italy). As a legal expert, he took part in the UN PrepCom for the establishment of the International Criminal Court as well as at the Rome Diplomatic Conference. He is a member of a number of legal and artistic associations both at home and abroad.

His special fields of interest include penal law, criminal procedure, misdemeanour, international penal law, war crimes, international courts, human rights, fight against corruption and organised crime.

Ivo Josipović speaks English and a bit of German.


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