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GLOBSEC Brainstorming on Ukraine


As we are confronted with one of the most difficult foreign policy and security challenges since the fall of Communism, GLOBSEC 2014 is launched by a brainstorming session designed to foster debate among present government and NATO representatives, experts and politicians from Washington, D.C. to Kiev, and top-notch thinkers on the chilling tug-of-war unfolding east of the EU’s borders. Facilitated by BBC’s famed Nik Gowing, the session engages a number of prominent panellists in this timely debate as well as encourages minds present in the audience to share their ideas and thoughts on this timely topic. Focusing on the latest developments in Ukraine, matters of geopolitical, national as well as regional importance related to the renewed US-Russia rift are subjected to the scrutiny of the present GLOBSEC community. 

Featuring online call with Dmitri Trenin, Director, Carnegie Moscow Center, Moscow.

CHAIR: Nik Gowing

03 GLOBSEC Brainstorming on Ukraine

03 GLOBSEC Brainstorming on Ukraine