Aleqa Hammond

Member of Parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark; former Prime Minister of Greenland

Born in Narsaq, Hammond grew up in Uummannaq in Greenland. She attended Arctic College in Iqaluit and the University of Greenland.

First elected to the Parliament of Greenland in 2005, she was appointed Minister for Families and Justice and later Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance. In 2009 she became a Chairperson of the Siumut party. In the elections of 2013, she received the highest-ever number of personal votes and was appointed Prime Minister of Greenland. As the prime minister, she worked towards making Greenland an independent and self-sufficient country. In 2013 she received a medal of honour Nersonaat, awarded by the Greenland Parliament for distinguished service to Greenland.

In 2015, Hammond was elected to the Danish Parliament for Siumut party, whilst gaining the highest number of personal votes in Greenland. She is now Member of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark and a Vice Chair of Greenland Committee. 

Aleqa Hammond is participating in:

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