Gjorge Ivanov

President of the Republic of Macedonia *

President Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, was sworn in as Macedonia's* fourth democratically-elected president on 12 May 2009, and re-elected in April 2014.

He had a distinguished academic career before entering government service, serving as a professor and Head of the Political Studies Department and Vice Dean of the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law in Skopje, visiting professor to the South-East Europe Programme at the University in Athens, Greece and other institutions, and as the president of Macedonia’s *Council for Accreditation in Higher Education.

He is the founder of the Macedonian* Political Science Association and one of the founding members of the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis, a leading analytical centre in the Republic of Macedonia*.

A supporter of free-market principles and political pluralism since the Yugoslavia era, and as leading expert in the field of civil society, he is also known for his commitment to bringing Macedonia* into the EU and NATO and to promoting peace in Europe.

During his presidency, he never forgot to meet and discuss with students. He founded the President’s School for Young Leaders, which has provided new knowledge, experience and skills to more than 240 young people up to date. With his commitment thereof, he has attracted over 100 renowned university professors, statesmen and experts as speakers at the School and its Alumni Association, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

He founded the "Best Young Scientist" award. In addition, under his auspices twenty young people each year receive scholarships for study at an MBA Programme in neighboring Greece.

Professor Gjorge Ivanov has received numerous honorary doctorates and awards. These include honorary doctorates from the University of Istanbul, Moscow “Lomonosov” University, the title of Honorary Professor at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China and several others. President Ivanov was awarded the highest Order of the St. Lazarus Order from Jerusalem and the Order of St. George's House of Habsburg-Lotringen. In March 2012, in Salzburg, President Ivanov was sworn in as Protector of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. In December 2013, President Ivanov became a member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.


* The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, following the EU and UN practice, always uses the provisional reference: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.