Jean-Louis Bruguière

Eminent European Person; Antiterrorism Expert
Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Jean-Louis Bruguière was born in 1943, in Tours (France). After obtaining his Master’s Degree in Public Law, in 1968 he successfully passed the national magistrates’ examination. In 1973, he was appointed as an investigating judge in Evreux, a position he left in 1976 to take up similar duties in Paris. In 1995, he was appointed First Vice President in charge of coordinating the anti-terrorist section in Paris.

After being in charge of serious crime investigations, in 1981 he was assigned to cases related to terrorism: Euro-terrorism with Action Directe (connected to the Red Brigades and the German RAF), domestic terrorism (Basque and Corsican) and international terrorism originating in the Middle East (terror attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian organizations of the “Refusal Front” (Abu Nidal, PFLP, Carlos) or ordered by Iran (CSPPA in 1986, the assassination of Shapour Bakhtiar).

From 1994 onwards, he primarily dealt with investigations related to radical Islamism and in particular Al-Qaeda (hijacking of an Air France Airbus in 1994, attacks in 1995, dismantling of Al-Qaeda cells, Pakistani-Afghan networks and more). He also took charge of investigations into separatist organisations operating abroad (IRA, PKK and LTTE). 

From 1995 until May 2007 he led and coordinated the National Judicial Anti-terrorist Division, which is made up of 8 specialized investigative magistrates with national jurisdiction. 

Jean-Louis Bruguière is an expert advisor on domestic security services to the Council of Europe, the European Commission as well as the United Nations (UNODC). In addition, he has also advised several Governments states on counter-terrorism and has participated in numerous conferences in France and abroad. 

In 2008, he was appointed by the European Union as an “Eminent European Person” to the United States, to represent Europe and to carry out a review of the “Terrorism Finance Tracking Programme/SWIFT”, an intelligence programme which was set up by President Bush in the aftermath of 11 September.  

In 2010, he joined the Chertoff Group LLC in Washington as a member of its Board of Advisors and he has advised states and worldwide companies in counterterrorism and strategic threat assessment.

In March 2014, he was appointed  by the UNAFEI  (United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders) as a visiting expert  in Tokyo to the UNAFEI Criminal Justice Programme for French-Speaking African countries (Public Prosecutors and Judges) .

Mr Jean-Louis Bruguière is an Officer of the Legion of Honour and a Commander of the French National Merit. He has also been awarded the Silver Medal of the Spanish Guardia Civil and was the recipient of the Spanish Dialogo prize in 2007.

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