Radovan Bránik

Independent Publicist and Analyst

For four years he has been systematically unraveling the evolution, structures and inside mechanisms of the far-right scene and brings reportage and interviews with the key representatives of this subculture. In 2013, he has predicted the election success of the party of Marián Kotleba with high accuracy and notes that even the relatively high percentage in this elections aren’t reflecting the reality. He thinks that as a result of personal and idea exhaustion of Slovak politics, support of anti-systemic movements will continue to grow in society and in the 2020 elections the decisive factor will be the extremely frustrated voter who was let down by Marián Kotleba, who will be willing to support movements and streams going with tough power directly against the root of the system in belief that democracy as a system failed and is irreformable. In combination with failures of domestic politics and problems of the EU and negative prognosis related to the refugee issue, the risk of violent conflicts of extremists with state power drastically grows in combination with unexpectedly fast destabilization of society.

For three times he was nominated for Journalists prize for a series of investigative articles. In 2012, Mr. Braník earned the first prize for articles illuminating the activities of Romanian beggar gangs on the territory of Slovakia. In the competition Blogger of the year 2014, he won in the category “Best blog article” first place for an article called “Unknown Ukraine: Reportage from under the gallows.”

In the rest of his work, he is supervising and educating operators of the emergency line 112 calling with individuals showing signs of suicidal tendencies, preparing diplomatic workers before being dispatched into crisis areas with an accent on increasing their resistance against psychological blackmailing and violence against their physical integrity. He is also preparing and realizing security projects for mass events (National march for life, Pohoda Festival).

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