GLOBSEC’s partners comprise of the world’s top corporations from various industries, namely from the defence, energy or IT sector. These companies are among the top ranked companies within their industry and particular field of specialization.

Our partners play a key leading role in shaping the future of their industry and GLOBSEC helps them towards fulfilling their mission. Moreover, they annually join the GLOBSEC’s Strategic Forums such as the GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum or the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, which are designed to enhance the companies’ engagement with the GLOBSEC’s projects and Initiatives and to amplify their outreach.



GLOBSEC Membership program brings together leading global players who represent diverse regions and industries connected with the GLOBSEC’s commitment to contribute to the better state of our society and to the better state of the world.

Just like us, our Member partners strongly believe that the interaction between the private and the public sector must be created in order to drive positive change and to help shape both the industry as well as regional and global agendas. Our Member partners are involved in a number of our activities and therefore they are able to make a real and tangible impact on global issues.

GLOBSEC Membership program represents the highest level of partnership and corporate engagement, it is open for our Exclusive and General Partners. The core value of the Membership program lies in the opportunity to discuss and consult strategic business challenges and political matters related to them on a regular basis with our experts, senior leadership or our distinguished advisors in an informal private setting. The Membership program provides our Partners with an exclusive access to highly relevant content, our broad network of contacts as well as to all events organised by GLOBSEC.


Our Partners represent outstanding companies which care about approaching their social commitments responsibly. They are aware that our society needs market shapers and innovators who will help our economies grow and our societies thrive. Together with the support of our Partners, we can address the most pressing political and economic issues and fulfil our long-term mission of securing the stability and safety for wider society.





GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum partners:

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If you would like to know more about possibilities of partnership cooperation with us you can contact Ms. Claudia Tran, Corporate and Strategic Relations Manager via e-mail: [email protected].

Our partnership packages are highly customised and our Corporate and Strategic Relations team is ready to prepare a detailed proposal tailored to the needs of your company to make sure that you get the most out of the partnership cooperation with GLOBSEC.