19 May, 2015 – 09:30 to 17:15
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, K. Valdemara Street 3, Riga

The Eastern Partnership Reality Check is a policy review process aiming to gather insights from top domestic and international analysts, practitioners, diplomats and policy-makers covering Eastern Partnership countries in order to discuss these behind closed doors. It has the ambition to satisfy demand for a more in-depth policy in this area. Under the aegis of Lithuania’s EU Presidency (July-December 2013) the first such a review was the Belarus Reality Check (BRC) enacted in Vilnius, Lithuania October 2012. Reality Check meetings are now held under the aegis of the Latvia’s EU Presidency (January-June 2015).

The 5th Belarus Reality Check is held in Riga, Latvia comprised of top Belarusian and international analysts, observers and practitioners to achieve evidence based analysis as well as balanced policy advice. Speakers are providing inputs but active participation is expected from all invited participants. Published non-papers are product of the meetings, followed by fact-checking and peer review process.

Please see agenda of the 5th Belarus Reality Check.