30 October, 2012 – 09:15 to 31 October, 2012 – 00:15

Two Slovak experts Vladimír Jakabčin, Director of the Department of Crisis Management at Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Mário Nicolini, Adviser to Secretary of State at Ministry of Defense together with SAC project manager Tomáš Špavelka attended a conference titled “Political Change and its Impact on Security of the Region”. The panel was organized by the Slovak Atlantic Commission.

Both experts have extensive experience and knowledge of reforms of Slovak Armed Forces. Jakub Jakabčin actively participated on these very reforms. Therefore his presentation focused primarily on historical overview of reforms of armed forces since the inception of the independent Slovak republic. His speech also touched upon issues of foreign assistance with reforms and the main problems Slovaks had to face at the time. Mário Nicolini then focused more on current legislation and the standing of the Armed Forces within law, the role of Ministry of Defense and various strategic processes that are still going on even after implementation of reforms. Discussions in Q&A session concerned mostly the public pressure, transition to professional army and related issues.