7 May, 2014 – 17:00 to 18:30
The growing division among the Moldovan citizens about their country´s direction as well as the society´s eroding cultural identity are strong factors influencing the future of Moldova. Yet, only a society that is united on the question of its strategic direction and clearly defines its national interests can help Moldova advance on the path towards modernisation and closer integration with the EU: a country which knows what it wants and goes after it is not only more successful in the challenging domestic reform efforts, but also sends a strong message of credibility, stability and predictability to its partners, which is – inter alia – a crucial element in the “more for more” principle of the EU-Moldovan relations.
The example of Slovakia is illustrative: united society with actively engaged civil society helped the country eventually join the EU, while the division of people on the country´s national interest at the height of the euro crisis led to a political stalemate and collapse of the government in 2011.
To identify the strategic and uniting interests of Moldova, as well as to debate the role of young generation and civil society organizations in bringing the society together on the issue of Moldova´s future, the Slovak Atlantic Commission together with the Independent Journalism Center, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Moldova, organized the first European Café discussion titled “Nation United – Nation European”.