2 December, 2014 – 19:30 to 21:30

Venue: Slovak National Theatre (new building – Modrý salón/Blue Salon)

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ISIS is currently the most feared and powerful terrorist network in the world. It operates in Iraq and Syria. In an attempt to create the Pan-Arabic caliphate and impose the rule of the Islamic law – sharia – it uses the most brutal methods such as systemic slaughter of civilians, crucifixions, execution of foreign journalists or mass rapes. The reaction of the international community was to use air strikes and support Kurdish and Iraqi armed forces. However, Islamic state fighters still advance in their attempt to conquer significant territories in Syria and Iraq and consequently also in other countries in the Middle East. Furthermore, its efficient PR campaign and social media activities have succeeded in recruiting followers from all over the world who are determined to join the war against the West. With generous financial support from various Middle Eastern actors, ISIS is likely to remain the most significant security threat in the Middle East and for the whole world. The second edition of the GLOBSEC v Lampe series will discuss the impact of ISIS on our lives here in Central Europe.


Jozef Lenč, political scientist, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Trnava

Andrej Chovan, analyst, CEPI, Bratislava

Mahmoud Hassán, Syrian living in Slovakia

Štefan Hríb, editor-in-chief, .týždeň, Bratislava


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