16 June, 2014 – 10:30 to 12:30

A new qualitative survey, commissioned by the Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) in cooperation with the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) as the second stage of a comprehensive survey about the perceptions of Moldovans towards the European Union (EU), the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and the Russia-led Eurasian Customs Union (ECU), shows that EU narratives are making inroads into Moldova`s public attitudes, despite a decline in support for the EU registered in the public opinion poll undertaken in October-November 2013.2

Although public opinion about immediate economic benefits, preferences and market accessibility of the EU and the ECU may be divided, there is no doubt amongst respondents that cooperation with the EU offers a more stable outlook into the future.

What constitutes a real shift is an increasing sense of urgency focused on rebuilding Moldova’s state capacity – as a „home“ – to make it a strong, independent, stable, functional and self-respecting nation. This is coupled with the notion that local reforms must come first, EU membership (perspective) after.

In partnership with the Independent Journalism Centre (IJC), SAC and CEPI organized the second “What Do Moldovans Think” panel discussion to present and debate the latest survey findings, in order to contribute to a realistic and intense pro-European engagement with the Moldovan public.