EU Debate 2019

Thursday, 04.04.2019, 17:00-20:00

Conference Hall of the Europa Hotel, Lublin


The upcoming EP elections are an opportunity to open the debate on several very close to the heart of Polish people themes. The public event will be in the format of mini panel discussions with ability for the audience to ask the panelists direct questions. The main themes will focus on: “EU regional policy,” “Citizen-Society-Nation in the EU” and “Variants of the direction of democratization processes of the functioning of EU institutions.”

Participants in the discussion will be:

  • Deputy Beata Mazurek – Vice Marshal of the Polish Sejm, PiS politician
  • Deputy Elżbieta Kruk – Chairwoman of the National Council of Radio Broadcasting and Television, from 2016 member of the National Media Council, PiS politician
  • Krzysztof Hetman – Member of the European Parliament, V-ce President of the PSL, former Marshal of the Voivodship, PSL politician
  • Professor Kazimierz Kik – a well-known figure in Poland, an advocate of the EU;
  • Krzysztof Grabczuk (PhD) – PO politician, EU supporter, former mayor Chełm, former Marshal of the Voivodship
  • Riad Haidar – PO politician, doctor, activist, local government official, well-known Polish politician

With remarks from:

  • Voivode Przemysław Czarnek
  • Marshal of the Voivodeship Jarosław Stawiarski