Elections to the European Parliament: Bulgaria in the EU after 2019

Friday, 29.03.2019, 10:30-12:30

Great Hall, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

“15 November” Str. №1, Sofia

The planned discussion aims to motivate students, young people and other Bulgarian citizens to vote in the elections to the European Parliament as a way of expressing opinions and seeking changes in EU governance. Through the discussion it is also sought to get a better understanding of issues that Bulgarians are concerned with in connection to their membership in the EU and the place of the country after 2019.

The forum will touch upon issues like: perceptions of the EU, the meaning of being an EU citizen; Engagement at European level; the future of the EU and improvements for young people and all citizens in the EU

Participants in the discussion will be:

  • Georgi Pirinski, MEP (Keynote speaker)
  • Speakers: TBC
  • Zahari Zahariev, President, Slavyani Foundation (moderator)
  • Milan Milanov, Professor, Neofil Rilski University (moderator)

Invited to participate in the event are: deputies from the National Assembly, MEPs, representatives of the executive power, diplomats, scientists, public figures, the main audience will be young Bulgarian citizens – students, young teachers and researchers from Sofia and the country, young entrepreneurs, experts and activists of youth structures.