28 November, 2013 – 19:00 to 23:00

The Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) is a unique phenomenon within the Slovak scope, said Ambassador Martin Bútora on the occasion of the Commission’s 20th anniversary. It proves that with a focused effort, hard work and ability to connect key figures of international and security politics, economics and academia, even a small country can make its mark in the world.

This, and many other successes of SAC were celebrated on Tuesday, 28 november 2013, in Design Factory in Bratislava, on reception on the occasion of the SAC jubilee.

During this celebration in the circle of the SAC “family”, friends and guests, several personalities of public life, policy and non-govermental sector were awarded with a commemorative medal of the SAC, as a symbolic gesture of gratitude for their diplomatic efforts, help and advisory work for the Commission.

While reflecting upon its 20th birthday, the Slovak Atlantic Commission also presented a new umbrella entity – Central European Strategy Council – to synergise activities of the SAC and its spin-off organisations CEA and CEPI, and to further advance influence of Central Europe in the global discourse.

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