1 December, 2014 – 10:00 to 16:15

The one-day event will provide an opportunity for experts and policy-makers from the Visegrad region to critically assess current situation in the defence domain and discuss fixes that are on the table.

Just a few months after the Russian aggression against Ukraine, leaders of NATO met in Wales to discuss the alliance’s modus operandi in a new security situation. As expected, irresponsible underfunding of national militaries has been the summit’s prime topic.

A number of heads of states and governments came up with a pledge to fix the problem by stabilizing and increasing their defence budgets in the forthcoming years. This is particularly important to achieve in our region where, with the exception of Poland, defence budgets shrunk to the levels endangering the armed forces’ basic functions.

Moreover, the defence cooperation in the region, which has been thought of as a potential source of advancement, has not yet materialized in the form of a new project. Even though some of the DAV4 recommendations have started to be implemented (such as exchanges of policy planners), the intensity of cooperation in general is still insufficient.

The workshop will therefore touch upon two specific topics which are being explored by the ongoing DAV4 initiative: First, it will provide space to discuss collaboration opportunities in the field of defence industry and joint acquisitions.  Second, it will feature an expert debate on the possibilities of cooperation in the field of training and education