30 March, 2014 – 08:30 to 1 April, 2014 – 14:30

Following more than two years of preparations and drafting, the Tunisian Parliament recently adopted a new Constitution, paving the way for parliamentary and presidential elections to be held in December 2014. Given the important role of the media during elections, the SAC and CMIS organized a workshop on 30 March and 1 April in Tunis to sensitize representatives of political parties and CSOs with international standards and best practices in the media coverage of elections and on ways to improve news reporting in the run up to elections.

The workshop focused on a number of topics, including the problems of the media coverage of the 2011 elections, the media coverage by traditional and new media and methods of monitoring political and electoral coverage.

The event took place as a part of the SlovakAid-funded project “Slovakia and Tunisia: Cooperation for Success” that anticipates to contribute to the security sector reform (SSR) in Tunisia, and will be further followed be a series of expert and experience-sharing activities, particularly the participation of Tunisian experts at MENA region focused discussion panel at the GLOBSEC 2014 conference in Bratislava, visit of members of the Slovak Parliament in Tunis, as well as a release of an expert publication on Slovak experience with SSR.