Building on the success and recognition of the GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation Initiative (GNAI), GESI aims to serve as GLOBSEC´s new flagship defence-policy project and advocate for a coherent and robust EU defence and security posture. This project comes exactly at a time when Europe´s political leadership is in great need of constructive counsel on the modalities of future institutional and policy reforms that will steer the Union on many fronts (including defence and security).

GESI aims to build-upon the expertise and renomé that GLOBSEC has gained since the success of GNAI to shape policy debates across the continent that help to decrease the imbalance in defence capability between both sides of the Atlantic.

The primary objective of the GESI Initiative – led by its high-level steering committee – is to produce innovative and straightforward policy recommendations that empower Europe’s defence capabilities and operational readiness for a wide spectrum of challenges – ranging from: an assertive Russian foreign policy; the functional nexus of migration, crime and terrorism; hybrid treats; and obstacles to European defence market consolidation.

GESI’s mission is not to support the creation of parallel European military-political structures to NATO, but rather to propose an avenue for a new level of European defence competence, based on increased and sustained emphasis on equipment build-up, training and exercises, through which the existing capability imbalance between the two shores of the Atlantic would be continuously shrinking. The Initiative’s work will culminate in a Final Report on European Security Strategy Reform containing policy recommendations that reflect the need for fresh thinking regarding contemporary security challenges. The Initiative´s Final Report will be presented to European institutions (European Commission, EEAS, EDA and European Parliament), the NATO leadership and European capitals on the occasion of the election of the new European Parliament and European Commission in early summer 2019.

High-Level Steering Committee Members and Advisors

Gen. Knud Bartels (Ret.) – Danish Chief of Defence, Staff 2009-2011, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee 2011-2015

Gen. Wolf-Dieter Langheld (Ret.) – Commander Allied Joint Forces Headquarters, Brunssum 2010-2012,

H.E. Rastislav Káčer – Ambassador (Ret.) to the United States and Hungary, Honorary Chairman of GLOBSEC, former President of Slovak Atlantic Commission

H.E. Stefano Stefanini – Ambassador (Ret.), Permanent Representative of Italy to NATO and Diplomatic Advisor to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano 2007-2010

H.E. Pierre Vimont – Ambassador (Ret.) to the United States, former Executive Secretary- General of the European External Action Service

List of Project Publications:

⊲ European Strategic Autonomy:
What for? By Whom and Against Whom?

⊲ European Defence Union: From an Idea to Realisation

⊲ EU–NATO Relations: Towards the Full- Potential of Cooperation

⊲ Central and Eastern Europe: Stepping Up to the Plate

⊲ European Defence Policy in Fight Against Terrorism: A Way To Go?

⊲ Beyond the 2% Paradigm:
The Scorecard of European Defence Policy

⊲ EDA: A Functional Bridge Between ’West’ and ’East’ European Defence Markets?