GLOBSEC European Security Initiative (GESI) builds on the expertise acquired and momentum from the GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation Initiative (GNAI) seeking to shape policy debates aimed at decreasing the imbalance in transatlantic defence capabilities.

The primary objective of the GESI Initiative is to produce straightforward policy recommendations that empower Europe’s defence capabilities and operational readiness for a wide spectrum of challenges. GESI‘s mission is not to support the creation of parallel European military-political structures to NATO, but rather to propose a path forward for a new level of European defence competence.

GLOBSEC European Security Initiative Steering Committee

  • General Knud Bartels (Ret.) – Danish Chief of Defence Staff 2009-2011, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee 2012-2015
  • General Wolf-Dieter Langheld (Ret.) – Commander Allied Joint Forces Headquarters, Brunssum 2010-2012
  • Ambassador Stefano Stefanini – Ambassador (Ret.), Permanent Representative of Italy to NATO and Diplomatic Advisor to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano 2007-2010
  • Ambassador Pierre Vimont – Ambassador (Ret.) to the United States, former Executive Secretary-General of the European External Action Service
  • Ambassador Rastislav Káčer – Ambassador (Ret.) to the United States and Hungary, Chairman of GLOBSEC
  • Project Team and Rapporteurs:
  • Project Lead: Alena Kudzko, Deputy Research Directory, GLOBSEC Policy Institute
  • John Barter, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, GLOBSEC
  • Martin Reguli, Associate Fellow, GLOBSEC

You can download the final report of the project Towards a New Level of European Defence Competence here.