On October 28, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (Lithuania) in cooperation with the Centre for Eastern Studies (Poland), the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (Hungary) and the Central European Policy Institute (Slovakia) organized the 2nd Ukraine Reality Check. The event which took place at the Lithuanian Embassy in Kiev was kindly supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

The meeting was attended by over 60 top Western and Ukrainian analysts, recently elected Ukrainian Rada members, representatives of Kiev based international organizations and diplomatic missions. Thought-provoking discussions have focused on the 4 following topics: situation in Eastern Ukraine and Russia’s interests; the parliamentary elections and internal politics; economic trends of Ukraine; as well as the awaiting path of challenging reforms.

Please see the program of the 2nd Ukraine Reality Check here.

Reality Check events are held in a Chatham House format in order to encourage honest exchange based on evidence from the ground. This informal process is designed to regularly convene a Review Group of analysts, diplomats, and policy and decision makers. Particular emphasis is placed on the independent character of the Review Group in order to lead to a more evidence-based and balanced type of policy discussion and policy advice.

The 1st Ukraine Reality Check was also held in Kiev on June 18, 2013.