NGO representatives  from Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovenia  joined the discussion titled Central Europe and the refugee question: Cooperation instead of confrontation? organized by Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik in cooperation with GLOBSEC Policy Institute, EUROPEUM, CEU Centre for European Neighbourhood Studies, and University of Ljubljana  on 11th of June in Vienna. GLOBSEC Policy Institute`s Research Fellow, Alena Kudzko, reiterated the consequences of this year`s parliamentary elections in Slovakia, which were criticized  for their strong populist rhetoric and misusing the migration crisis for the pursuit of  political purposes. The centre-left party SMER with its chairman, the Prime Minister Robert Fico, put the migration topic in the forefront of its pre-election campaign and now has to deal with implications, stated Kudzko. Alongside SMER`s repeated victory, in the wake of the election battle marked by anti-migration rhetoric, two nationalist parties won seats in the Parliament in Slovakia that  assumed the EU Council Presidency in July.

The full article Migration crisis: Regional cooperation in the shadow of populists is available on Der Standard websitehere.