As every year, the CEPI team will contribute to the GLOBSEC 2015 Bratislava Global Security Forum by organizing several policy sessions and side-events:

c will aim to examine the main challenges in the run-up toward the NATO summit in Warsaw, to analyse the ways in which the CEE countries should respond to the capability shortfalls as well as to identify the role for the business sector in our adaptation to the new security environment. The list of speakers will include Slovak and Czech Ambassadors to NATO, Tomáš Valášek (who is also CEPI’s honorary chairman) and Jiří Šedivý; Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Defence of Hungary, Péter Siklósi; and Montenegro’s Defence Minister, Milica Pejanović-Đurišić. The panel will be chaired by the head of the security department Marian Majer.

GLOBSEC Innovation and Cyber Security Forum will be a one-and-a-half-day event covering a broad spectre of topics related to the use (and misuse) of information technology. Following the introductory remarks by Slovakia‘s Parliament Speaker, Peter Pellegrini, the event will kick-off with a discussion of how the Visegrad region could better cooperate to support start-ups and the information economy. The panel will be chaired by CEPI’s senior fellow Dániel Bartha. Two security topics will follow: experts will analyse the prospects for a V4 cybersecurity cluster and examine the possibility of moving the government operations to the cloud. The round table about the Visegrad Group views on the EU’s single digital market, chaired by CEPI’s executive director Milan Nič, will feature V4 State Secretaries for European Affairs and will present CEPI’s latest policy paper Four priorities for Visegrad Four’s digital agenda.

GLOBSEC Dinner Session on Kickstarting Visegrad Defence Cooperation will serve as a platform for a frank debate between the region’s decision-makers, experts and business representatives on how to translate the already established political framework into a useful capability development tool. The event will be chaired by CEPI’s senior fellow Jaroslav Naď.

GLOBSEC Dinner Session on Europe’s Southern Neighbourhood will address the migration crisis and the related security threats and feature the former Chief of Defence General Staff, Gen. Vincenzo Camporini, a special advisor to the UK‘s Prime Minister, Minister Daniel Korski, and CEPI’s executive director Milan Nič.

A number of our experts will also speak at other GLOBSEC events, including Marian Majer at the GLOBSEC City Talks on Ukraine, and Milan Šuplata at the GLOBSEC 2015 Countering Propaganda Policy Session, which deals with the West’s counter-propaganda activities.

CEPI is also co-publishing a series of GLOBSEC Policy Papers.