Central European Policy Institute (CEPI), the member of Strategy Council, hosted an informal discussion with three fellows from the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) who visited Slovakia as part of the V4 Think Tank Platform Project.

Their tour of the Visegrad Four countries is funded by the International Visegrad Fund and their programme in Bratislava is co-organised with the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA).

Erica Simon and Martha Churella from the US Department of State and Derek Mix from the Congressional Research Service had an opportunity to talk to CEPI fellows as well as representatives of other Slovak think tanks. Participants discussed the Slovak foreign policy, particularly in the context of events in Ukraine and Slovakia’s ambiguous relationship with Russia.

They also debated how the foreign policy reflects public opinion in Slovakia regarding the issues such as annexation of the Crimea, Russia’s role in the region or Slovakia’s involvement in NATO. The US guests have also shared their impressions on how the other V4 countries see these issues and comparing them with the Slovak position.

Another important issue that the CEPA fellows and the representatives of Slovak think tanks touched upon was defence cooperation in the Visegrad Group and the challenges that it faces.