Bratislava, 31 January: US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian Yee visited the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) for a round table debate with the Slovak NGO and Parliament Institute representatives on the current developments in the Western Balkans. Friday’s event was chaired by CEPI Director and Balkan expert Milan Nič.

The debate focused on further NATO and EU enlargement, transfer of integration experience from Central Europe, and recent developments in Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

“Hosting this round table with Deputy Assistant Secretary Yee is a good example of the intensive cooperation between CEPI and other Slovak NGOs as well as international stakeholders in the Western Balkans,” said Jaroslav Naď, CEPI’s senior fellow and Deputy CEO of the Strategy Council.

Slovakia-based NGOs have been very active in the Western Balkans mostly in civil society development and post-conflict reconciliation, building a reputation of good expertise and field experience. CEPI as part of this tradition has already become valuable partner for relevant governments and the international organisations.