Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) hosted a roundtable briefing with Polish Undersecretary of State Henryka Móscicka-Dendys. Its focus was Polish views on the current situation in the V4, NATO enlargement, inter-institutional arrangement in the EU after the June summit.

Ms. Móscicka-Dendys is very optimistic about the future of V4 cooperation. Political unity on key issues was never the objective of the group. At the same time, transformed and stable Ukraine as a functioning state is at the core of joint geopolitical interests of all Visegrad partners. The worst outcome would be a failed state at our borders.

She also underlined that the key to success is to focus on the V4’s priorities and avoid the risk of diluting the platform by bringing too many new elements into the agenda.

The debate also touched upon the issue of NATO enlargement in face of the upcoming Wales summit, and Polish views on the Western Balkans.

Ms. Undersecretary visited Bratislava to take part in the meeting of state secretaries of V4 countries and Germany.