Three CEPI fellows, Jaroslav Naď, Marian Majer and Milan Šuplata, have outlined suggestions for Slovakia’s delegation at the upcoming NATO Summit in Cardiff. At a press briefing in Bratislava, they have said that it is in Slovakia’s interest to have a strong mandate and contribute to the success of the summit. “We must be a constructive partner and support initiatives of our allies,” said Jaroslav Naď.

He has added that we share Poland’s and Baltic states‘ concerns regarding Russia. Slovakia also needs to commit to increasing its defence budget: “We have to realise what our responsibility is. The crisis is in our neighbourhood, so we need to stabilise the defence budget.” So far, Slovakia is the only NATO member on its eastern border that has not committed to increasing the defence budget.

Milan Šuplata has said that the summit in Cardiff will be historic because for the first time in 25 years Russia will not be considered a partner but a threat. He has added that NATO’s response must be clear – to condemn the breach of international law and prepare better for a new situation. Marian Majer has pointed out that the Slovak public and politicians do not recognise the importance of defence and security.

The CEPI fellows have expressed hope that the Slovak delegation will eventually have a strong and clear mandate and will manifest that Slovakia is a reliable ally who supports the values of transatlanticism and does not undermine them.

This event was organized within the Save the Defence project, supported by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.