The Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) has presented 75 recommendations for Slovak defence, which are summarised in a publication unveiled by CEPI analysts at a press conference on 13 October 2014.

Jaroslav Naď has said that the goal is to support public and expert discourse on defence and security and help to solve its problems. Marian Majer has added that it responds to the most serious problems that CEPI had identified earlier. He has said that some processes are already under way but it is necessary to do more and faster.

Marian Majer has pointed out that the crucial point is to define what we expect from the defence policy. Then we have to stick to the priorities and don´t change them. We have to prevent situations when statements by Slovak politicians do not correspond with these definitions, as it has happened recently.

Milan Šuplata has stressed out that funding of the defence should become a matter of consensus among parliamentary political parties. He has praised that Slovakia is committed to increasing the defence budget. The commitment was presented by President Andrej Kiska at the NATO Summit in Wales after an agreement with Prime Minister Robert Fico, but should be confirmed by passing of a constitutional Act of Parliament on Defence which would define the plan of increasing the defence budget. CEPI would also welcome a cross-party consensus on modernisation plans.

Jaroslav Naď has added that it is crucial to explain the importance of defence spending to the general public. He has emphasised that the process of procurement should become more transparent.

The publication in Slovak language will be distributed to all relevant political parties and state institutions and will be translated to English in the upcoming week.