The third TATRA SUMMIT conference entitled “The New EU Political Cycle: Addressing the Growth Agenda”, organized by CEPI’s sister organization Centre for European Affairs, and taking place in Bratislava on 11-13 November 2014, will once again bring EU stakeholders to the Slovak capital to discuss the unfolding design of the new EU political cycle, and evaluate the policy goals outlined by the new political leaders in the EU, paying special attention to the strategic growth agenda.

Central European Policy Institute will be present as a coorganizer of two side events that will discuss the V4 region from two different, yet intertwined perspecitives.

On 11 November at 16:00, CEPI will host a roundtable debate on Digital Economy focusing on the V4 region’s capability to create its own digital agenda based on the analysis of the existing policies and current trends, and how the V4 should lead by example in effective e-government initiatives, public administration reforms, improved (digitalized) public services, state supported financial solutions, e-learning, as well as in the area of cross-border e-commerce.

On 12 November at 14:30, participants of the CEPI organized Policy Session “Central European Perspectives on the EU Integration” will discuss and present regional priorities and reflect them on the EU’s political cycle, as well as recommend to Central European political representatives in which potential fields of cooperation further increase of efficiency is possible. Former and current opinion makers and leaders from Central Europe will share their vision on the future of these countries, and point out some of the necessary fields to reform for the success. Participants will also discuss the recent open letter to the 3 EU presidents.