The unquestionable highlight of GLOBSEC 2017 focusing on adaptation to the future will be a speech delivered by David Roberts, the former Vice-President of the Singularity University in San Francisco. He will join the GLOBSEC community for the first time and deliver a ground-breaking speech dedicated to the phenomenon of disruption. As a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, David’s talk will be available exclusively for the GLOBSEC audience present at the Forum.

David is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on disruptive innovation and exponentially advancing technology with a passion to help transform the lives of a billion suffering people in the world through disruptive innovation.

Recently, the term “disruption“ has become the buzzword of the technology community but is increasingly penetrating into other spheres as well. In essence, its purpose focuses on rendering the old paradigms obsolete and coming up with never before seen ideas that shake up everything we have known so far.

As an award-winning CEO and serial entrepreneur, David knows that the culture of risk and failure typical for the start-up community is crucial for breeding such disruption. Moreover, the bond between various industries frequently causes a transformation in unrelated domains often as an unintended but welcome side effect.

Are disruptive technologies disrupting our governance too? What are the parallels between technological, political and social disruption? How can politicians draw inspiration from innovators? These and other questions will be at the core of David’s talk at GLOBSEC in Bratislava concluding the inspiring discussions within the GLOBSEC Future topics taking place over the weekend.