On 3.2., the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI), in cooperation with the Centre for European Affairs (CEA), had a pleasure to host a closed door chat for think tankers with Portugese State Secretary for European Affairs, Bruno Maçães, chaired by the Director of the Institute of European Studies and International Relations, Jozef Bátora.

Mr. Maçães reflected on the outcomes of the parliamentary elections in Greece and their potential impact on the Eurozone and the EU as such. What we are witnessing right now are fundamentally different visions of individual members states, disagreements and political divisions that might change the course of the EU direction and raise a question of where to go next. Such fragmentation furthermore complicates the search for compromises and thus undermines the Union´s ability to provide adequate policy responses.

The convincing victory of radical leftist party in Greece also exposed the cracks in the bargain between the EU and its citizens. The Union now needs to find a way to restore unity and articulate a new vision of the future, and thus gain back the public faith in the European project.