Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Slovak Parliament František Šebej is ready to organized hearing on the latest progress in Serbia – Kosovo relations and implications for Slovakia’s position, which as one of 5 EU members still does not recognize Kosovo as a state. MP Šebej announced it during a public debate jointly organized by the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) and the Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) on 27 September in Bratislava.

Chaired by CEPI’s analyst Milan Nič, today’s expert forum addressed this issue of domestic motivations and perceptions behind the non-recognition, what political dynamics that might change them and who among the other 5 EU non-recognizers is moving ahead (Greece, Romania). Besides MP František Šebej, the other panellists included Roman Hlobeň, Director of the Balkan Department at the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and former State Secretary Milan Ježovica.

In early October 2013, CEPI will publish its paper on this topic with policy recommendations.


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