About 44% of Moldovans prefer closer relations with the EU over the Eurasian Custom Union (ECU) which is supported by 40% suggests the poll presented today at CEPI event in Bratislava. The event in Bratislava came a week after a public debate about the survey and Moldova’s integration ambitions in Chisinau featuring Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the EU Delegation in Moldova.

The objective of the survey commissioned by the Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) a Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) in co-operation the Independent Journalism Center and the Slovak embassy in Chisinau and supported by the Slovak development aid was to help improve the EU’s communication strategy in Moldova.

„As our survey showed, the EU membership remains an attractive option for Moldovans, but it is no longer a default option,“ says Michal Skala, the Moldova expert from the Slovak Atlantic Commission who works at its Transfer of Know-How programme. According to CEPI’s senior fellow Balázs Jarábik, the declared pro-European integration policy of Moldova contrasts with a split within the Moldovan society. The results of the opinion poll show that the support for the country’s EU accession falters while the Russia-backed custom union is becoming more and more attractive.