On December 8–10, 2014 a group of five experts and members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia visited Slovakia within the study trip through the project implemented by the Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) entitled „Partnership for Serbia“. The aim of the visit was to share Slovak experience and know-how from the integration processes to the EU and NATO, particularly in the fields of defence and security, with experts and MPs from Serbia.

The Serbian delegation consisted of Mr. Željko Sušec (SNS Party), member of the Security Services Control Committee; Ms. Aleksandra Maletić (SNS Party), member of the Committee on Labour, Social Issues, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction and the head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with the Slovak Republic; Mr. Enis Imamović (SDA Party Sandjak), member of the Committee on Economy, Regional Development, Trade, Tourism and Energy; Mr. Branko Lazić, foreign and defence policy advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Mr. Ivica Dačić, and Ms. Dragana Djurasinović-Radojević, expert at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

During their visit they met a number of Slovak experts and members of Parliament and discussed with them Slovakia’s path to NATO and the EU, especially from the defence and security perspective. They also talked about the current issues in relations of Slovakia and Serbia as well as about possibilities how to further improve already very good relations between the two countries.

The whole programme started at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade on November 8, where the Serbian delegation met Ambassador Jan Varšo who briefed them about the role of the Slovak Embassy, which currently fulfills also the function as the NATO Contact Point Embassy (NATO CPE). During the visit of Slovakia, the Serbian delegation met with officials of the Slovak Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Office of the Government, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee as well as with the member of the defence and security committee of the of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The study trip concluded at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Slovak Republic with the meeting with Ambassador Sani Dermaku.

The study trip was organised in the framework of the mandate of the Slovak Embassy in Belgrade as the NATO Contact Point Embassy in Serbia for years 2013-2016. The project has been financially supported by the SlovakAid.