Last year, the GLOBSEC organization made the decision to significantly increase our ability to understand the world in its complexity and propose positive changes. The year 2016 was in many respects transformative for the world politics and societies; and it was transformative for the GLOBSEC Policy Institute.
Whether we like it or not, times are good for think-tankers because they are hard for almost everybody else. Military men are seeing old military alliances eroding before their eyes. Economists fret over post-crisis malaise. Mainstream politicians feel influence becoming increasingly impotent. This provides both an opportunity and a responsibility for any institution willing to act as interlocutor between society and elites, within and across their countries.
In our Foreign Policy Strategy, we describe our vision of the world in 2017 and our efforts to impact global policy. The five sections describe the five running programmes of the Institute – The Future of Europe, European Neighborhood, Security and Defence, Strategic Communication, and Energy, – outlining current trends for these programmes, the Institute’s role in these spaces, and what we do to fulfill this role.

Download the Foreign Policy Strategy of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute here.