Andrew Rettman from the EUobserver interviews August Hanning, the former head of Germany’s BND intelligence services about the GLOBSEC Intelligence Reform Initiative (GIRI).

August Hanning with Michael Chertoff, the former US secretary of homeland security, and David Omand, who used to run the British spy hub, the GCHQ, presented the GIRI report and put forward the proposal to create an “intelligence hub” to fight terrorism at the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, which took place in Bratislava at the end of October 2016.

The proposed intelligence hub would have a lower political profile than the EU military project. It would not have its own building or secretariat, on the model of the Counter Terrorism Group (CTG), an informal body in which some EU states’ intelligence services already share information with each other. Hanning told EUobserver that the new hub might convene in The Hague, because the CTG and Europol, the EU’s joint police body, were already based there.

August Hanning also pointed out that US participation was vital because its National Security Agency (NSA) had “unique capabilities”.


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The full report of the GLOBSEC Intelligence Reform Initiative is available here.