The GLOBSEC 2014 conference is just a couple of weeks away. Since its inception in 2005, GLOBSEC has been giving a Central European twist to the strategic debate on transatlantic foreign policy and security. This year’s edition will take place from 14th to 16th May.

In 2013, about 800 guests from more than 60 countries participated at GLOBSEC. This year, the organisers plan more than fifteen panel discussions, four keynote speeches, dozens of informal discussions and more than 50 various bilateral and multilateral meetings.

Highlights of GLOBSEC 2014 will include:

1. GEOPOLITICS OF THE CRIMEA CRISIS | GLOBSEC 2014 will bring together heads of governments, top US and NATO representatives and thinkers to discuss the events unfolding east of Slovakia’s boarders as well as its geopolitical implications.

2. COMMEMORATING NATO ACCESSION | In 2014, a number of Central and Eastern European countries are celebrating the 10th and 15th anniversaries of their NATO accession. These historic milestones will be commemorated at a number of public and expert events, including the GLOBSEC Gala Dinner, with the political elite of the celebrating countries present.

3. RUN-UP TO THE NATO SUMMIT | As GLOBSEC will be the last international forum of its kind to take place ahead of the 2014 NATO Summit, it will represent an ideal platform for pre-summit debates among present political figures and high-level NATO representatives on issues, which will dominate the summit’s agenda.

4. EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTION | A week before Europeans cast their votes, GLOBSEC will become the last high-profile theatre to examine the future of the EU, its institutions and the character of political parties auditioning for the Brussels agora.

GLOBSEC 2014 will also be accompanied by several associated events:

GLOBSEC CITY TALKS | GLOBSEC 2014 will launch a new series of dynamic public debates held in the heart of Bratislava. The event will not only bridge top GLOBSEC speakers with general public but, being streamed live and covered by international media, it is designed to reach vast audiences and stakeholders.

YOUNG LEADERS AT GLOBSEC | GLOBSEC will host over 30 young experts and leaders from almost 20 countries – engaging them not only in the Forum’s official programme, but also in a series of tailor-made debates, workshops and networking activities designed to contribute to their professional development.

GLOBSEC GALA DINNER | GLOBSEC 2014 will again host a Gala Dinner, this time focusing on celebrations of the 10th and 15th anniversaries of the accession of Central European states to NATO and the EU. Traditionally, the event will feature the Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Awards, a joint initiative of the Slovak Atlantic Commission and the Jagello 2000 Association. The Awards annually recognise personalities who have substantially contributed to strengthening transatlantic ties while emphasising the awardees’ ties to Central Europe, especially to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.