With more than 300 applicants from 61 countries – from places such as Canberra, Accra, Washington, D.C., Moscow, or Islamabad – GLOBSEC Young Leaders’ Forum 2015 (GYLF) selection committee had the most difficult task to select the participants to date.

We have had a tremendous response to our open call, but unfortunately we had to reject many applicants despite their outstanding professional achievements. Committee has evaluated the applications of an impressive array of individuals. We took into consideration a number of criteria including leadership potential, interest and commitment to transatlantic relations, foreign policy, security and ability to contribute to and benefit from the forum’s experience.

This year’s group of finalists consists of 35 exceptional participants from 29 countries, aged 25 to 35 from a variety of professionals and academic backgrounds, including elected officials, CEOs, academics and military personnel. In the next two months prior to the forum, we will provide participants with a rare opportunity to evaluate and provide strategic policy proposals and plans for action for the main panels of the GLOBSEC Forum on chosen topics. We aim to engage the participants in the lasting debate on the strengthening of transatlantic relations and we are looking forward to welcoming them to the wider GLOBSEC community.