The discussion about dramatic developments and tense situation in Ukraine will attract world media, politicians and renowned experts to Slovakia. Other major topics will include the upcoming elections to the European Parliament and the NATO summit scheduled for autumn 2014.

In less than three weeks, Bratislava will become one of the most guarded cities in Europe. From 14th to 16th May, top politicians, diplomats and experts will discuss compelling contemporary issues at GLOBSEC, the biggest security conference in central Europe.

The importance of GLOBSEC will be even higher than in the past, says Róbert Vass, its founder and Executive Vice-President of Strategy Council, which organises the forum.

“I can already announce the highest participation of international politicians that we have so far brought to Bratislava. The conference takes place amidst one of the biggest crises in Europe that we have witnesses since the end of Cold War. It’s a crisis that will have a significant impact on us, as a neighbouring country, but also on the whole Europe and world. The ongoing events in Ukraine give GLOBSEC an exceptional importance. Bratislava will become a city where key debates and negotiations, not only about the future of Ukraine but also the impact of this crisis on the international community, will take place one week before the Ukrainian elections. That’s why I expect this year’s GLOBSEC to have an extraordinary attention of international politicians and the media,” explains Róbert Vass

Since its inceptions nine years ago, GLOBSEC has become one of the five biggest foreign policy and security conferences in the world. In 2013, about 800 guests from more than 60 countries participated at GLOBSEC. This year, the organisers plan more than fifteen panel discussions, four keynote speeches, dozens of informal discussions and more than 50 various bilateral and multilateral meetings. At the Gala Dinner that will accompany the conference, the organisers will commemorate the 10th anniversary of seven countries joining NATO. They will also present awards to two international personalities for their contribution to transatlantic relations.

Over the years, prominent speakers at GLOBSEC included Zbigniew Brzezinski, Anders Fogh Rasmussen or Radoslaw Sikorski. Every year, GLOBSEC is covered by the biggest global media such as The Economist, The Financial Times, International New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera or Le Monde.

Strategy Council is an independent non-governmental organisation whose mission is to strengthen the voice of Slovakia and Central Europe in European and global affairs. The organisation connects key Central European personalities and experts in foreign and security policy. Its goal is to define the strategic role of Central Europe in international politics. It associates three organisations – the Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC), the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) and the Centre for European Affairs (CEA). The Slovak Atlantic Commission organises GLOBSEC, one of the biggest international conferences in Europe.