The year 2016 has been marked with an unprecedented series of events representing a serious warning sign for stable liberal democracy. The electoral or plebiscite victories for nationalists, populists and extremists endanger the institutional pillars of our values, the EU and NATO, while another crucial French election is yet to come. Difficult times require effective solutions and this is to be addressed at GLOBSEC 2017 Bratislava Forum. For the 12th time already, Bratislava will become the centre of international policy-making on 26 – 28 May 2017. Hundreds of high-profile politicians, experts from think-tanks and academia and business leaders will meet at the Forum to discuss and bring constructive solutions to key global challenges.


Since its humble beginnings in 2004, GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum has grown into one of the top foreign policy conferences worldwide which essentially contributes to shaping regional and international policy agenda. The Forum presents a platform where decision-makers and leaders meet to exchange their views and develop solutions which can be employed. GLOBSEC 2017 Bratislava Forum will take place right after the French presidential election and after the introduction of the new US foreign policy under Trump’s administration. To address the numerous issues challenging peace and stability both globally and regionally, GLOBSEC Forum introduces several innovations.

Above all, GLOBSEC 2017 Bratislava Forum goes beyond security and transatlantic affairs. In today’s globalized world, multiplying events destabilizing the current order are closely interconnected regardless of their territory, which presented a strong impetus to broaden the topical scope of the Forum. “If we really want to solve the problem of rising radical populism in Europe, we must address its causes reaching to a war in Middle East and an economic situation in Eurozone,” explains Róbert Vass, President of GLOBSEC. Therefore, the Forum will include the strategically chosen issues with a global impact, such as the new US administration, further direction of the EU and its financial challenges, partnerships with Asia and future relations with Russia.

Also, the Forum will feature another parallel stage covering forward looking and trendsetting business topics, such as technologies in modern warfare, cyberspace, sustainable energy and the security of the internet of things. Thus, the new set of innovative discussion formats has the ambition to create even stronger bond of policy-making and business in order to generate practical and sustainable solutions to global challenges.  

GLOBSEC is an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation whose mission is to connect key experts on foreign and security policy from all over the world while shaping the global debate. Apart from organising one of the top security conferences in the world, GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, it also established GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, a forum designed to deal with European affairs.  GLOBSEC also associates the think-tank GLOBSEC Policy Institute and the GLOBSEC Academy Centre educational platform designed for young experts and leaders.