GLOBSEC seeking ways to avoid AI “arms race”

As previously announced, looking into the future defined by technology enigmas such as the development of artificial intelligence will be one of the new features introduced at the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum in May. We are proud to unveil that the discussion within GLOBSEC Future addressing multiple open questions about the safety and security of the AI is co-organised by general artificial intelligence R&D company GoodAI from the Czech Republic.

GoodAI currently runs a citizen science project, the General AI Challenge, with a $5mil fund to be given out in prizes throughout the various rounds of the multi-year Challenge. In doing so, GoodAI wants to incentivize talent to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development and to speed up the search for safe and beneficial general-purpose AI. If designed responsibly and with due care, general AI will present an ultimate tool to optimize our science and technology for the benefit of humankind and to learn more about our universe.

Marek Rosa, CEO/CTO of GoodAI and the Founder of the General AI Challenge, will talk about the Challenge’s mission, the general AI research and development at GoodAI, and the long-term impacts for human-level AI within GLOBSEC Future at GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum in May.

The Challenge kicked off on 15 February 2017 with a 6-month “warm-up” round dedicated to building gradually learning AI agents. The second round of the Challenge, AI Race and Safety Assurance is set to launch in summer 2017.

The AI Race and Safety Assurance round of the Challenge will call on participants around the globe to address the following question: how can we avoid that the general AI research becomes a race between developers and companies, where AI safety gets neglected in favour of the faster deployment of powerful but unsafe general AI? The Challenge will deal with different aspects of general AI research such as programming gradually learning AI agents for increasingly complex environments, solving AI safety and value alignment problems, road mapping of technological, social, political, and economical aspects of our future.

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