The second edition of the ‘GLOBSEC v Lampe‘ series of public debates tackled the question what ISIS (Islamic State) means for us here in Central Europe. Andrej Chovan from the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI), Jozef Lenč from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius and Mahmoud Hassan, a Syrian living in Slovakia.

They have discussed origins of ISIS and what its ultimate goals might be. The debate on who may benefit from actions of this violent group and how local population in territories conquered by ISIS responds to it have brought some controversial claims but they contributed to a very lively exchange of views.

The speakers have also tried to suggest what the regional and global powers should to do stop ISIS and how feasible particular types of actions would be. The final part of ‘GLOBSEC v Lampe‘ focused on impact ISIS has on Muslim communities in Europe, as well as on majority population, and how we should treat European who have fought for ISIS and returned home, either traumatised from what they have experienced, or even more radicalised.

The debate took place on 2nd December in the Blue Salon of the Slovak National Theatre. It will be broadcast on RTVS in January 2015.