The organiser of GLOBSEC, Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC), along with the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies – Serbia offers a unique chance to contribute to the shaping of Serbia’s future to students of Serbian universities. The European security environment is being challenged from multiple directions and many crucial decisions are going to have to be taken on both European and national levels.

We, therefore, call on all students of all Serbian universities to offer their thoughts on the future of Serbia and its international relations. Each participant is expected to offer an essay that should address the three following questions:

  1. Guaranteeing Serbian security in the future – is military neutrality sustainable considering current security threats?
  2. How should Serbia contribute to creating a more secure environment in the regional context?
  3. What should be the nature of future relations between Serbia and NATO?

Those who think that they have relevant answers to these questions are invited to submit their essays to Slovak Atlantic Commission. Authors of the five best essays will be invited to the “Winners Trip” which apart from debates and lectures includes an invitation to the prestigious GLOBSEC: Bratislava Global Security Forum.

Please read our poster for full details of the contest.