Jakub Wisniewski, former Polish ambassador to OECD and Head of Policy Planning at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was appointed Vice President of GLOBSEC and Research Director of GLOBSEC Policy Institute as of 1 September 2016. After the restructuring of the GLOBSEC organisation the main goal of GLOBSEC Policy Institute under his leadership will be to secure impact of the research activities in the wider circle of foreign policy decision-makers. He will start by strengthening its capacity by expanding the 4 programmes: Defence and Security, Energy, Future of Europe and European Neighbourhood.

Mr Wisniewski has acquired vast experience in foreign policy both working as diplomat and think tanker, while having the modernisation of Central Europe close to his heart throughout his professional career. He has a PhD. title from University of Warsaw and was member of boards of several think-tanks including the Warsaw based Centre of Eastern Studies and the Polish Institute of International Affairs.
„It is a great privilege and honour for me to be able to work here in Bratislava, and specifically in GLOBSEC organisation. The news of the GLOBSEC conference has by now spread far and wide not only throughout Central Europe, but to Paris, Brussels, Washington and beyond. Bratislava has therefore naturally become one of the new centres of Europe and I am glad to be able to continue my professional career right here and right now, during the Slovak EU Presidency and the Polish V4 Presidency. Slovakia is a new constructive player in the EU and I very much like to be in the thick of events“, says Mr Wisniewski about his new position.
He will be focusing on tackling serious and urgent topics concerning the future of Europe in the view of the crisis of European integration, security threats to the transatlantic community and the still very turbulent relations with Russia – to name just a handful. As Vice President of the organisation, he will also contribute to strategic planning and to setting the next objectives of GLOBSEC.
„Our ambition is to continuously come up with practical solutions for stability and prosperity of Europe and the world. The appointment of Jakub is a part of a broader endeavour to internationalise our organisation and build a world-class team of think tankers around GLOBSEC in Bratislava. Jakub’s arrival fills me with happiness and contentment. I am very thankful that such an experienced diplomat and think tanker with a vast expertise in foreign policy has joined our team. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with him and making GLOBSEC Policy Institute a strong and respected international think tank dealing with a variety of topics concerning the future of Europe and beyond”, adds Róbert Vass, President of GLOBSEC.
Furthermore, Milan Nič, former Director of Central European Policy Institute (CEPI), will temporarily become Head of European Programme of the Institute, further contributing with his expertise in the field of European affairs and developing the programme’s new initiatives, before he moves on with his professional career after the end of this year. The GLOBSEC team will be later joined by other experts whose names will be announced soon.